Citizenship by investment

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program designated to enhance inward investments in the country’s economy is a unique and limited opportunity for foreign investors to obtain citizenship in a country with perfect international image in a fast and legal way. The acquired citizenship lasts for a lifetime.

Our Cyprus citizenship program provides a wide range of investment options and the benefit of no wealth or inheritance tax.  The program provides approvals for you and your family in only three months. Our expert team of investment advisors can tailor a solution with consideration of your requirements and investment criteria.  Talk to the Continental Citizenship and start planning your Cypriot lifestyle.

About Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is located in the east of the Mediterranean, south of Turkey. It is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. An ancient civilisation, it was fought over by many opposing powers throughout history until it became formally under British control in 1914. It was granted independence in 1960 and remains a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Cyprus joining the EU in 2004 and adopted the Euro in 2008.

Cyprus is a famed tourist destination with beautiful beaches, historic attractions, a welcoming climate and a high level of human development.

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Gran Melia, Daios Cove

Cyprus Citizenship Benefits

  • Grants EU citizenship
  • Citizenship for you, your family and for future generations
  • Excellent visa-free travel to 163 countries
  • Freedom of travel throughout the EU
  • Right to settle and work anywhere in the EU
  • Easily accessible location
  • Short investment period of only three years
  • No residence required in Cyprus after citizenship is granted
  • No wealth tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No gift tax
  • No dividends tax
  • Wide range of investment options
  • English widely spoken

Program Requirements

There are four options:


  1. Invest € 2,000,000 in real estate in Cyprus for a minimum of three years. This may be across one or more properties
  2. Make an investment in financial assets of Cypriot companies or organisations of at least € 2,000,000
  3. Make an investment in Alternative Investment Funds or financial assets of Cypriot companies/ organisations that are licensed by the CySec of at least € 2,000,000
  4. Make a combination of the above options, which can also include investment in government bonds of up to € 500,000


  • All applicants, regardless of which route they follow, must invest a minimum of € 500,000 in real estate in Cyprus for life.
  • Government fees are payable for all adults in the applications: € 7,000
  • All applicants and their families must have clean criminal records


Continental Citizenship

Continental Citizenship are leading accredited Cyprus citizenship advisors. Our expert team of program consultants and residency advisors can assist you in understanding the benefits and steps to securing your Cyprus citizenship for investment.

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