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The changing world around us means that people are no longer defined by the country they are born in, or restricted to its borders. Humans have never been so mobile, and where we live and what citizenship we bear is now a matter for us to control as we wish.


Many countries now offer citizenship or residency in return for an investment or contribution or some kind. The wide range of destinations means that there is a perfect location for every investor.

Why take a second citizenship or residency?

Individuals always move for a number of very personal reasons.


It may be to protect your family or offer your children a better education. It may be to protect your wealth.


Others move in order to expand their travel potential: a second passport can more than quadruple the number of countries you can access visa-free, making worldwide travel quicker, simpler and easier. For many successful business people, this can open to the door to a whole new world of investment and strategic potential.


Some move to escape a home territory affected by political, civil or ethnic uncertainty or even war. The countries offering citizenship and residency offer a secure and peaceful life, and safety for your family.

Citizenship by Investment Benefits

Maximise your opportunities

In today’s world, a second home country represents the height of aspirational luxury. It gives you the freedom and security to live your life as you wish.


Wealth and tax planning is another key motivator, especially if your country gives you little protection or privacy in these matters. Our potential destinations will give you the opportunity to maximise your financial strategies and to protect wealth for the next generation.


Every country has significant due diligence processes to ensure that only wholly respectable new applicants are accepted, and this protects the future and reputation of your new home.

Benefits of citizenship by investment

Increased Travel Freedom

Extend Business Opportunities

Escape Unrest or Persectution

Maximise Wealth & Tax Planning

Gain Permanent Security

Protect Your Wealth for Next Generation

Improve Your Quality of Life

Access Finest Education in the World

Increase Mobility Visa-Free

Trusted Expert Advice

Additional citizenship or residency gives you more security, better quality of life, greatly enhanced mobility, financial independence and more options for your family.

Our experts have been working in this field for many years and are highly adept at identifying the best destinations for you and then turning this into a reality.

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